Can I return my item?

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return your item for free within 60 days, with the exceptions listed below. You will be refunded for the amount paid for the product, excluding any shipping costs.

Eligible for return
Refundable amount 
Full Collections / Vaults 
Not eligible for return incl. ALL Kayali Sets and gifts
No refund available
Single Use Masks
Not eligible for return
No refund available
Fragrance, Resting Boss Face Setting Spray & Perfumed Oud Wood
Returns only for mainland US, UAE, UK (except Northern Ireland) orders - return shipping costs apply. Returns not allowed for these items on International orders. 
Mainland US, UAE, UK (except Northern Ireland) orders only: product value refunded. Return shipping costs will apply
LAST CHANCE section items, Mystery Bags, Kayali Sample Vials, Kayali Miniature Sets, Kayali Discovery Sets

Not eligible for return

No refund available
Exclusive Huda Beauty, Kayali or Wishful MerchandiseNot eligible for returnNo refund available
Build Your Own Set 
Eligible for return 
All items to be returned for full refund. If you wish to return one item; the full discount gained by purchasing the set will be deducted from your refund of this item
Product Gift Sets + Free Gift Items
Eligible for return - all items should be returned, including pouches & accessories (this excludes fragrance sets which are not eligible for return)
No partial refunds, all items to be returned for full refund
Promotional Sale Period
Varies per promotion 
Please check HERE for more info 

US orders should have a pre-paid returns label included in your order, please only use this label if your items are eligible for return. If you return any items which are not eligible for return as per the policy above, no refund will be offered, nor will your items be returned to you.

If you require a return label please let us know using the CONTACT US section below.

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